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When To Start Performance Testing

Performance testing is like the forgotten sibling of unit testing…which is often the forgotten sibling of development. However, when systems go live, it is often performance issues, not functional issues, that are the cause of the greatest headaches.  How then do we avoid these potentially paralysing and expensive bumps in the road? Performance as a […]

Care To Comment?

“Commenting your code is like cleaning your bathroom — you never want to do it, but it really does create a more pleasant experience for you and your guests.” – Ryan Campbell I’ve heard many arguments about commenting code ranging from “Comment Everything!” to “Comment Nothing!” and everything in between.  Everyone has their view but the […]

Patience and Respect

Your attitude is the defining aspect of your professionalism. How you approach relations with your colleagues is a significant part of that professionalism. As the old maxim goes, do unto others… This will be a familiar scenario for anyone who’s coded on a project with other developers: You have a task to fix a defect or implement […]

ATG JSPs: POJOs vs Anti-Patterns

ATG allows developers a great deal of flexibility when building JSP pages. Here we look at the problems that can creep in and look at ways of avoiding an unmaintainable tangled mess The Problem Have you ever worked on an ATG website and wondered why the JSP is brittle and difficult to maintain?  My experience has […]


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